‘Didgeriradioo Synthesis’ by Baruch Williamson | New Album, ‘Satellite Of Love And Rhizomes’

Uncategorized September 17, 2021

‘Didgeriradioo Synthesis’ by Baruch Williamson | New Album, ‘Satellite Of Love And Rhizomes’

Exclusive video premier of ‘Didgeriradioo Synthesis’ by Baruch Williamson.

‘Satellite Of Love And Rhizomes’ (SOLAR) is the third album Baruch Williamson produced during the lockdowns of 2020-21 and the final part of a trilogy that came into being during the writing process.


After the ‘square’ of ‘Le Vent Qui Crie’ and the ‘circle’ of ‘Sagittarius A*’, he had been looking for a triangle for a while. On a hot summer evening in July, he read about the “Sierpinksi triangle” in an article about quantum physics. This fractal-structured triangle had recently been used as a pattern to research electrons in the “fractal dimension”. Conceptually, this triangle fit perfectly with the music he’d been working on and finally the third part of his trilogy -which tries as a whole to both explore and criticize the role of science as a political system towards the modern individual- could be released.

‘Didgeriradioo Synthesis’ is the song that is advanced as a single for the album. His good friend Jenske Sampson made a video for the song, in the context of his master’s course “digital publishing”. The idea was to find copyright-free images, mainly of space but also with cultural reference, to have a smooth trip to accompany the hypnotic drive of the track. In a way the combination of the song and the video became an artifact, a monolith, where the transition of a doomed world to a “space age” with sparkles of hope gets made. A “retrofuturistic synthesis”, as it says in the title.

More about the video here.

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