‘Goa’ by ZEMENT

May 3, 2021

‘Goa’ by ZEMENT

The German neo-kraut duo ZEMENT return with their third LP, out July 9, 2021 via Crazysane Records. Enjoy the exclusive video premiere of ‘Goa’.

Combining the wonder of the autobahn with intelligent nods to techno and free jazz, ‘Rohstoff’ constitutes an endless meditation on the architecture of mind and the movement of bodies. ‘Goa’ is a perfect preview of their upcoming album. We’re ready for another journey through the realms of “krautrock” and “Berlin School”. Like their predecessors, ZEMENT are able to stay very compelling inside their own world of monotonous sound and futurism.

‘Goa’, the first single of ZEMENT’s new album ‘ROHSTOFF’, brings the best parts of their music together and even new facets into it! Just listen to those vocoder choirs! Who owns this?! With their lamenting and euphoric vibe, they are the center of the song. ‘Goa’ is dancy and tribalistic, melancholic and embossed of an optimistic mood at the same time. The swirling synthesizer combined with those driven, dancy drums melt into one entity and want you to move your body straight ahead! The awesome video by Design Duo Complex Pleasures and Hannah Genauer let you fell like you’ve been pushed straight to the world of Tron. It’s mostly based on the same raw design as the album artwork, which reflects the album title on the level of design. ZEMENT ask with ‘GOA’ more questions, as getting answers instead, but you can definitely dance to it!

Zement | Photo by Benjamin Brückner

Pre-order | ‘Rohstoff’, out July 9, 2021 via Crazysane Records | Vinyl (Solid Black Edition) (Electric-Blue Edition) (Transparent-Orange Edition) | CD (Digifile)

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