‘Narcan Summer’ by Free Country

June 16, 2020

‘Narcan Summer’ by Free Country

Exclusive premiere of ‘Narcan Summer’ by Free Country.

New single by the Los Angeles based artist and songwriter Jason Ribadeneyra aka Free Country. ‘Narcan Summer’ is a heartbreaking ode to his brother and close friends who died during the opioid epidemic. Gripped in the midst of multiple pandemics, ‘Narcan Summer’ is a song that makes the universal feel extremely personal.

Taking cues from lo-fi song crafters like Elliott Smith with the electronic experimentation of early Animal Collective, Ribadeneyra’s voice is a full-throated thing that recalls slight quiver of Conor Oberest and the effortless delivery of a deeper Jeff Hanson. Since relocating to Los Angeles, ‘Narcan Summer’ is the lead single to the eight song EP titled The Life of Riley due to be released later this summer on his Eyes Closed label.

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