‘Saturn’ by OZO

February 4, 2020

‘Saturn’ by OZO

Formed from the ashes of Drunk In Hell and Blown Out, OZO are a blazing improvised alto sax free jazz rock trio made up from Graham Thompson (Ballpeen), Karl D Silva (Drunk In Hell) and Mike Vest (Drunk In Hell, BONG, 11Paranoias, Melting Hand).

For fans of Pharaoh Sanders, John and Alice Coltrane. Improvised and experimental alto sax workouts, lead drums, fluid thunder bass and freak out guitar melodies.

OZO Saturn is 5 tracks of black impulse meets harmonic stooges.

Mike Vest about OZO: “I’ve been waiting to start a band with Graham Thompson and Karl D Silva. Karl used to play Sax in the Drunks and Graham is amazing drummer who plays in lots of bands. He can play everything and is really great at production and mixing. Couple of bands fell apart or just became unproductive, so I moved on, like I did. Graham’s drum track were so good and alive that I came up with the idea to have him leading the tracks. Added bassline and asked Karl to blast through in one take. The results came back and it sounded awesome. So here we are.

OZO Facebook
Riot Season Records Official Website

Interview with Mike Vest of Bong, 11Paranoias and Melting Hand

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