‘Mydriasis’ by Comacozer

July 27, 2019

‘Mydriasis’ by Comacozer

Australian heavy psychedelic space rockers, Comacozer return with their 2019 full length release titled ‘Mydriasis’. Since 2015, Comacozer has been unearthing instrumental meditative and journey taking passages and intense dark and murky acid filled jams.

“hypnotic, liquid, spaced out jams”

With the addition of a 4th member on synth in 2018, its now a trippier version of itself. ‘Mydriasis’ is Comacozer’s fourth full length release on Headspin Records and consists of three epic journeys of hypnotic, liquid, spaced out jams, taking you on a cathartic trip into a nebula and will leave you floating through the other end of the universe. Perfect for psychonauts who want to space-travel and ultimately get crushed by the weight of asteroid. ‘Mydriasis’ is an album to both meditate to and conquer to. Ethereal psychedelic space in between celestial walls of fuzz. Get ready to be overcome by the molten mountain that will slowly fill the room. With the amazing artwork by Sally Gordon on this release, the entire package of the tracks and gatefold sleeve is mind bending! Drop the needle, close your eyes, lose your mind and take a journey thru space and time.

‘Mydriasis’ is available via Headspin Records on coloured or black vinyl.


Comacozer interview

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