‘Backsliding’ by Twin Criminal

March 26, 2019

‘Backsliding’ by Twin Criminal

The precision of Twin Criminal will leave you a little baffled. Typically bands of this level of musicianship do not encapsulate a vocal driven record. Backsliding incorporates both vocal dexterity and musical proficiency that teeters between psychedelic hard rock and a mathy explosion.

Twin Criminal is a three piece psych rock ‘n’ roll group from Atlanta, Georgia. Sonically informed by a multitude of guitar driven music ranging from The Stooges to The Smashing Pumpkins, Twin Criminal have carved out a unique soundscape unoccupied among modern rock peers. Following the break-up of their former band Cloudeater, Trevor Flanders and Daniel Friedman recruited jazz circuit drummer Danny Paschall to round out the trio. Danny, known for performing and touring with Ike Willis of Zappa fame and Col. Bruce Hampton, continues to elevate the group to new technical heights.

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