“Ode to Quetzalcoatl” by David Bixby

October 13, 2012

“Ode to Quetzalcoatl” by David Bixby

I received an email yesterday from a man who found value in ‘Ode to Quetzalcoatl’. He claimed to have found depth in the music. His parents were a part of “The Group” in 1969. His father played guitar and sang at group meetings in Muskegon Michigan. This young man was not even born when these events occurred. To me it’s a phenomenon. The summer of 1968 I was turned loose on the world. I had a car, a guitar and an amplifier. Grand Haven became my summer home while I lived at the beach in a tent. I was chasing girls, drinking beer, smoking pot and dropping acid; and more acid tripping beyond the veil that blinds us. You could have a good trip or a bad trip.

I always had good trips, at least until the last trip. While tripping on acid, I went to the moon and missed its gravitational sling to get me back to earth. I continued into black space forever and I wasn’t happy about it. No one told me about “void travel” and I was unprepared to experience “the nothing”. I was dysfunctional as a body and mind for several long months, unable to put sentences together or focus on any thing. I prayed for help hoping there was a God. In time I was rebooted and every thing worked fine. It was actually a bit of a nightmare but I came through it.

After my light was restored I began writing songs and relating to other people. I was given a new spirit and a new life. As the music developed so did the Group. New friends, brothers and sisters, an entire peer group, and more importantly, a support group for the promotion of Ode to Quetzalcoatl. Things happen with group dynamics and good leadership. Don DeGraff (SIR) was and outstanding leader, however he didn’t always practice what he preached and it got him in the end. That’s typical of charismatic spiritual leaders. You will find hypocrisy in all religions but don’t be disappointed. To quote Jefferson Airplane:

“When the truth is found to be lies
And all the joy within you dies.
Don’t you want somebody to love?”

Five years ago Guerssen Records, a Spain based company, signed a contract with me to reissue ‘Ode To Quetzalcoatl’ and ‘Harbinger – Second Coming’. Though I was incredibly surprised, it felt good to be recognized, and PAID for my music.

Guerssen Records sent me a bundle of LP’s and CD’s that were beautifully re-mastered, including professional art work and a well written story about the album. The new release is making its way to the hands of the next generation. After years of searching the scriptures, I come away with this – the “Word” is not a book but the Holy Spirit in action, breathing live into creation. Quiet, subtle, often missed and easily ignored; a still, small voice or a whisper.

So when I’m asked “what did I get from the cult experience?” I answer with: “listen to others, but do my own thinking”. I hope to see you in concert. David Bixby

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