Bodo Molitor interview

September 20, 2011

Bodo Molitor interview

1. Thank you very much for your time and effort! I would like to ask you where did you grow up and what were some of the early influences on you?

I was born in a small town in the sauerland during the war in 1944. When I was 5 my family moved to Dortmund. I listened to German music on the Radio, we had no record player. When I was 12 I started listening to BFN and AFN radio stations of the English and American armies. I discovered Rock and Roll and my Life changed. I was listening to Elvis, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis..but my absolut efavorit was Little Richard, man what a voice and drive, he was a crazy guy but my King of Rock and Roll. When I was 15 we moved to a town called Essen. I started my first band The Gin Bottle Skiffle Group (What a name). We played skiffle music which came from England, sort of folk, country,blues. I played guitar, tenor and banjo. We played quite some gigs and made some money for 5 years. When I was 21 I left Gemany and I went to Paris were I was singin in a soul band and giggin` around Paris and around France. After that I went to Mexico.
2. What was your main interest in the early 60’s? Music or paintings?
3. Did you perhaps release anything before your solo album?
4. In 1969 you released your legendary LP. It was released on Orfeon records. Please share a story about making this album.

Well one day I had an audition at Orfeon and we recorded Hello I Love Youas a try out. They liked it. After that I signed a contract for 2 LP`s in 2 years. (The second I never recorded because of a long lasting strike at all recording studios, a pitty because I had rehearsed with Los Esclavos all the new songs I wanted to record. I left in the beginning of 1970. I needed money to record. They got me in touch with the musicians. Many of them were from the north from Chihuahua. Some of them from Mexico City. Like Jorge Renee Gonzales, the brilliant organ player who is still very active and we are still in touch. The main guitar player was Juan Garcia, an excellent player. The bass on some songs was Chapalla. One of the drummers was La Gaviota (all nick names). We did not rehearse much it was mostly done in the Studio, which was a very large studio with a good vibration. I played guitar on Laziness and When I was seventeen. It toke about 4 month to record the album. The Girlsinger on Real Real was Rosy from Haiti. She had a nice voice. All this musicians were cool guys, I did several live gigs in different places with different line ups. We played at the famous Champagne a go go, at Marie Isabel Hotel and other places I dont` remember the names. I apeared at about 12 Tv shows. The Album was recorded in `68 and released in `69.
Where did you record it?
It was recorded at Orfeon Studios.
What gear did you use?
As far as I remember the amps were mainly Fender. The guitars Fender and Yamaha. It was all recorded live, I just overdubbed the vocals. Ah and a Fender jazz bass and a Hammond organ belonging to the studio
How many pressings were made?
I really don’t know.
5. The cover artwork is absolutely mind blowing! I would like if you could tell me more about your work as an album cover designer…what does inspire you the most?

Well when i was in Mexico i needed  Money.I sold some Paintings after that Orfeon asked me to make the Cover for my Album.That was the first time i ever did it.MY Inspiration comes from the every day life what i see and hear around me..it`s all out there u know and it goes on until today……..

6. You designed many covers. I know you designed cover for legendary Kaleidoscope and also for La Libre Expresión…what else?

The Kaleidoscope cover was for Orfeon La libre Expresion for Discos Zave. I made 5 more for Zave the one for my younger brother Reinhold. One for Edghar, the Director of Zave (the producer of Kaleidoscope) Chuck Jones and I think some compilations. Enrique Rivas fun Colleccionista from Spain has them all.

7. Would you like to tell me more about your connections to Kaleidoscope? They were really an amazing band. Can you share a few words about it, I would really appreciate it!
Funny, but we never met, I dont` know why, I just knew Edghar Zamudio who produced the LP in the Dominican Republic and published it with Orfeon.They asked me to make the Cover for the LP.
8. You also made another album with your brother Reinhold Molitor, also in Mexico on Clave Records, right? I would love if you could tell us a few details regarding this album…
Yes..my Brother Reinhold came for a visit from Germany where he was playin` with several bands, he was only 19. I knew Edghar Zamudio (from Peru) and one day he asked us to record that LP. Just acoustic..Guitars and a banjo played brilliantly by my brother. I think we recorded the whole album in 3-4 Days. I played some guitars and did some vocals as well. It`s folky and bluesy with originals some covers and traditionals. My brother sings and plays guitar and banjo, on some of the songs he wrote…

9. What happened after that? I know you are still very active….
Well a long story..after Mexico I went to Cuba for 6 Month..I did 2 concerts there. After that..in the summer of 70′ I went back to Europe..to Germany for a short while. Than I went to Amsterdam for a year I guess playin` first as a solo artist in different places among the famous Paradiso. I played with a Band September and recorded 2 Songs (the EP)and a TV life Show. Later I was singin` with Bainbox(EP). After Holland I went o Italy where I did some solo gigs, than to the South of France and  Paris again..later on the Canay Islands playin` with Spanish Band Aposthrophe and Black and White Band. I stayed 4 Winter seasons. Fron Las palmas I went with the band The Dusty Road on a 3 Month tour to Senegal and The Zambia,which was a nice experience..later on I went to Rio De Janeiro where I stayed a year playin` with the Rock band Euphoria..after that I went to Goa for 6 month playin` full moon partys on Anjuna Beach. I met a German bass player from Berlin, he had a studio and we recorded a psychedelic album with Indian influences, I just had the Master Cassette and I lost it. Than back to France playin` with the rock band Philonarde in Avignon+ some recordings in The Zambia. We recorded a tape of 10 songs at a radio station..i lost that one to…well, than i went to ToGo in West africa again for 2 years playin` and recording with 2 Local Bands and doin` lot`s of TV shows. Than back to France and since winter `84 I`m in Egypt. Playin with several bands like The Lucky Ones The, Nile Rockers and the last few years with the Boomerangs. I became a guitar and vocal teacher for 20 years now and I`m still composing and recording my music on Logic Pro in my home studio. I recorded about 5 CD`s and 2 life CD`s. I`married to a wonderful and very pretty Egyptian woman for 26 years…I`m just recording new songs this days……it goes on and on ………I`m sure there was more places I went but that would have been to much to tell…….Peace&Love Bodo
10. I would like to thank you again. Would you like to share anything else, perhaps?
Yes my main musical Influence until now was the great Ray Charles. I met him twice..what a great man he was….

Interview made by Klemen Breznikar / 2011

© Copyright http://psychedelicbaby.blogspot.com/ 2011
  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for doing this interview. I just got the Shadoks Music reedition and it is awesome. I still wanted to know more about the other people who play on it.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for doing this interview. I just got the Shadoks Music reedition and it is awesome. I still wanted to know more about the other people who play on it.

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