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Radiorgasmo - “On My Way” premiere

Radiorgasmo is the project of three Italian multi-instrumentalists now living in Berlin. Their name stands for a high diversity of genre and atmosphere so that going from one song of the band to another is like switching from one radio channel to another. This should keep the listener constantly excited and surprised - fulfilling and pleasing many parts of his musical desires..

First single “On My Way” announces: “you did me no good, but you are the past and I am on my way to the sun”.  It is a mixture of the many different musical loves of the band: the rhythm is reminiscent of the roots rocksteady of the 70’s, but the soul of the song is a dreamy intimate confession of a songwriter. All of this is decorated by surfy guitars and a grooving dubby bass. The sax is a wild cherry on the cake reminding listeners of the smokey atmosphere of movies like Pulp Fiction or Lost Highway.

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dinadani said...

Love the song, the rhythm of the music and the the atmosphere of the video. Great!