M.A.D. – “Eight Of Coins” premiere

December 10, 2018

M.A.D. – “Eight Of Coins” premiere

Mario Barrios grew up in a family with a long history in music, a third generation guitarist he was never far from it. His passion continued throughout his life leading him to play in the bands Gantez and Avid Dancer who just recently toured the states with the band BORNS. 

Barrio’s irrepressible energy on stage is a parallel of who he is off it, a coexisting harmony that draws people in and makes them want to be a part of who he is. Influenced by artists like T.Rex, Rolling Stones, 60’s British invasion music, and early 2000’s psychedelic folk, Barrios found his own sound somewhere in between it all. His music is intentional and his sound puts you in a dreamy state of mind, music to listen to on your drive home from your lover that you hate. His projects name M.A.D. Doctrine, is rooted in the Cold War Era. The M.A.D. Doctrine (Mutually Assured Destruction) was an armistice in which two opposing parties halted the use of their Nuclear weapons of mass destruction. The idea was that the threat of using these weapons would stop the opposing side from using their’s as well, and should either party do so it would lead to the total destruction of both. The M.A.D. Doctrine stood out to Barrio’s because of a past relationship in which he says he felt like he was always at war with her.
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