Telephone Exchange – “Maschinelles Lernen” premiere

November 28, 2018

Telephone Exchange – “Maschinelles Lernen” premiere

Telephone Exchange didn’t just set out to create an impressive debut album. They’re a band looking to challenge this existing framework of post-punk and psychedelia to create something new. The band deftly mixes hypnotique, analog white noise and infectious Kraut-inspired grooves with a dark, almost otherworldly ambiance. This is the soundtrack to the nightmares of conventional pop music.

The album tries to transpose the most obscure aspects of human workforce and professional practice into a machine learning artifact, which is eventually able to discern between performing, thinking, and all the moral, ethical, and ontological aspects around these actions. This object of study is eventually transformed into an electronic kind of animal, doomed to respond to induced stimuli within a glazed stall. Released on Ongakubaka Records.
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