Gyasi – “Peacock Fantasies” (2018) review

August 13, 2018

Gyasi – “Peacock Fantasies” (2018) review

Gyasi – “Peacock Fantasies” (Escaped Peacock Records, 2018)
What would happen if the psychedelic guitars of Traffic’s “Mr. Fantasy” met glam-rock … with the answer bing Peacock Fantasies by Gyasi, a relentless well written well delivered and well produced record you shouldn’t miss, one laced with mystery and swagger.

Gyasi’s managed to move glam into an entirely different realm with solid lyrics and vocals, where he creates and infectious groove that rides easy, bestowing a sense of intelligence along with forward looking attitudes and visions that dance like translucent images from my speakers, filling my room with a sound that comes across half recognized, yet in the same breath is entirely new, where Gyasi stands at the proverbial crossroads, a vamp vanguard for the next generation of eager upturned faces in need of a new starship captain to dance them into the stratosphere and beyond.
Gyasi’s seamless ability to draw from a deep well of music makes his work both timeless and new. Peacock Fantasies shows a young talent expertly combining early blues, 70’s psychedelia and glam rock, with echoes from David Bowie and Led Zeppelin.
– Jenell Kesler
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