Femme Equation – “Mantra” premiere

May 31, 2018

Femme Equation – “Mantra” premiere

Words by artist Felix Kiessling: I am thrilled we have embedded these beautiful noise patterns into the Femme Equation music video for the song “Mantra”. 

They are extracted from the SETI project (Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), which is Nasa’s unsuccessful attempt to ‘listen’ via radiotelescopes into space with the hope of receiving acoustic patterns deriving from extraterrestrial civilizations. The SETI program has been running for more than half a century, and up until now they have only picked up noise that does not make sense. Or does it? It is possible that there is a hidden message, which is simply not feasable by our cognitive reality processing and producing mechanisms? However, this ‘nonsense’ added meaning to us through projections on set when shooting the video. It came together well with the overall psychedelic make, look, sound and feel. The camera movements, the non-linear dance choreography, and the post production layering techniques – all climaxed in a collective experience of no up and down in universe. With Femme Equation’s “Mantra” we are drifting over borders through the infinite, sense- and gestaltless space (and if we ever get struck by a giant meteor and the lights go out – “Mantra” will continue its journey, whether it makes sense or not).

Director Dominik Wojcik
Art direction/projections Felix Kiessling
Producer/Coordination Mats Björke 
Extra arms: Michelle Meadows
Production assistant Philip Carlsson
Video editing Monika  Żerkowska / Dominik W

Special thanks Alexander Levy, Arthur Colombini, Edward Blake and Studio8 Berlin


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