From The Vault: The Godz – “The Godz” (1978)

January 28, 2018

From The Vault: The Godz – “The Godz” (1978)

The Godz – The Godz (Millennium Records, 1978)
Claiming no relation to the New York sixties band of the same name, these fellows came from Columbus, Ohio and played a stripe of music that was either loved or loathed. Costumed in long hair and leather, the Godz resembled beer guzzling Hell’s Angels, proposing a gruff and ugly image reflective of their material.

Produced by Grand Funk drummer Don Brewer, “The Godz” contains every hard rocking trick in the book. Magnifying these elements something fierce, the band delivers a rattling repertoire of mindless lyrics, burning with lust, frustration and rock and roll alliegance. Nods to Status Quo, KISS and Ram Jam are warranted, but the size, power and volume presented on “The Godz” is so staggering that it makes these bands seem rather timid by comparison.
Brash vocals, barking and braying with sass and no class, supported by walls of chugging guitar chords, thudding rhythms and blunt hooks define each track on the album. There’s no cigarette breaks here, as the Godz continuously bash and boogie their way through numbers like “Gotta Keep A Running,” “Cross Country,” “Under The Table” and a cover of Golden Earring’s “Candy’s Going Bad,” which closes the album in orgasmic form.
I personally think “The Godz” is a heavy metal masterpiece and can actually be deemed quite trailblazing. To be sure, a cheesy factor figures into the equation and the musicianship is bar band quality. But attitude and energy counts for a lot, and “The Godz” is thick with these assets. Brave souls these guys were, peddling such numbing noise at a time when disco and pop ballads were in vogue. As far as I’m concerned, “The Godz” is far more cutting edge and menacing than the stuff the punk rockers were also hawking during this decidedly dull cultural period. God bless the Godz in all their roaring glory!
– Beverly Paterson
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