JD King – “Crimson Velvet Saddle Boots” premiere

October 12, 2017

JD King – “Crimson Velvet Saddle Boots” premiere

JD King has released a wondrously mysterious music video/single, “Crimson Velvet Saddle Boots,” the third single off of his forthcoming album, Moon Gardens, out later this year. Prepare to be lured into the hypnotic atmosphere of this indie rock svengali as you’re greeted with his spellbinding vocals and enchanting soundscapes. The video for “Crimson Velvet Saddle Boots” is now available on YouTube while the single is streaming on all digital services worldwide.

“Crimson Velvet Saddle Boots” is originally a dream I wrote down, then I conceived a sort of odd time signature melody and rhymed the words to fit. The film reflects on the oceanic element in its vast space while also depicting the microcosms within.  

The Mermaid Goddess is the life source element that views the traveling purveyor and sees through his eyes baring witness to his perceptions. The ancient genie, knower of the all, the giver of life and consequence. The never ending circle of true freedom and the ever expanding dream of expression are leaked through the cracks into our young perceiver wandering the mystic beach. 

The beach footage was shot at Terranea Cove and rest at The Ramones Ranch all on film. The incredible artist, Lucas David, specially designed the mermaid on set with Tayler Steingold who also designed the genie. The recording, to me, is a feat of engineering. All done completely live to a 4track ampex 440 tape machine with timing queues lined up perfectly by very talented musicians. No editing, just raw music to tape. It’s a work of art.
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