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It’s Psychedelic Baby presents: Jesus on Heroine - “Musasabi” premiere

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark eclectic rock band Jesus On Heroine evolve around dreamy psychedelia, noise-rock and drone-based shoegaze. The group released their debut album entitled Tremolo Eastern Salvation in 2013 and now the time has come for the release of the video of the first single “Musasabi” of the second album Ardhanarishvara

The theme of the new album is “everything is a remix”. The idea is that the original piece doesn’t exist. The ambition is therefore not to create something unique beyond what is already produced. The hope is nevertheless to search the new in the old. To emphasise this the album is going to be released in three versions. Three different moods made by three different producers and DJ’. This is the first single of the first version of the album.

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DanP said...

well done!! :D