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It's Psychedelic Baby presents: Singapore Sling - ‘Evil Angel’ premiere

Iceland’s Singapore Sling formed in 2000 and are seen as one of the original purveyors of the experimental neo-psychedelia people have come to love today – their influence touching nearly every fabric of the modern psych scene.

With their ninth LP Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing) set for release next year via Fuzz Club Records, Henrik and co are now sharing the first single ‘Evil Angel’.

‘Evil Angel’ is a haunting and deliberately uncomfortable affair, drifting from the hazy splendour of previous releases for a more disjointed and experimental pastiche.
The track is propelled by discordant horns and a totally incessant and scuzzy bass-line that roils deep into your conscious from start to finish. Partner this with the echoing, atonal vocals of Henrik and the chugging, vapour-trail guitars and what you’ve got is Singapore Sling at their most sinister, immersive and unforgiving.

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