JAZZ CORNER Presents: Alessandro Brugnolini – Overground (1970)

October 22, 2016

JAZZ CORNER Presents: Alessandro Brugnolini – Overground (1970)

Alessandro Brugnolini – Overground (Cinedelic Records, 1970/2008 reissue)
Originally released in 1970, this stylish and polished bit of jazz meets psych with deep funky laden grooves, and laced with dark as night solos that boarder on short exacting jams has at last been released on CD as well as a limited edition of 300 numbered copies on vinyl … and without a doubt is a sincere treat for your ears.
Initially Brugnolini, from Italy, self released this gem and it was quickly lost to space and time, meaning that those who were in the know have been trading cassette copies of cassette copies for years. Now it’s finally available again, sounding as fresh and clean as if it had been laid down yesterday, refusing to be locked into any decade, and is certainly inspiring the likes of Electric Octopus, who are traveling this same blissed road, following the infused concepts laid down on this inspirational outing.
This is one of those records that’s gonna rock you back whether you’re a jazz fan or a mind altered psych traveler.  The musicianship is first rate, with the concepts refusing to take a linear path, while surprising the listener at every turn with unexpected effects and atmospheric sonically layered and textured shifts that will bring a smile to your face as it jettisons you to another dimension.
The re-issue contains two lush and unexpectedly welcomed tracks that extend the passengers traveling time just a pleasurable bit longer, freeing the body and soul for a night flight across the velvet cosmos.
– Jenell Kesler
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    Great LP, amazing sound. Brugnolini is great !

    PS : Klemen Your fantastic blog is always present in my blogroll

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