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It's Psychedelic Baby presents: Timothy Eerie - ”Back Burning Boy” premiere

Back burning boy is the 2nd single from Timothy Eerie's debut EP Hetereochromia coming out October 22nd. Heterochromia consists of 4 songs that have gone through numerous reincarnations and took a years worth of experimentation to lock down the most delicious sonic recipe in which to record the songs as authentically as possible. Capturing the essence of these songs has been as blissful as it has been miserable but it has already proven to have been one of the most cathartic and rewarding experiences. I've accessed an infinite amount of sacred knowledge throughout this project and can't wait to continue applying these tools. I only hope they bring others a similar feeling of connection that I feel to the songs.

Casey Jarret - Guitar, vocals, tambourine
Kaci Jo - background vocals
Daniel Heitz - Guitar
Michael Scitney - Drums
Michael Gass - Keys
Evan Wagner - Bass

EP cover (Design by Sapphire Servellon) & stuff:

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