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It's Psychedelic Baby presents: The Re-Stoned - Return premiere

Ilya Lipkin, the Grandmaster of Moscow psychedelic fuzz orchestra, and his associates made an attempt to rethink the legacy of the primal days of the band. This LP contains their very first EP 'Return To The Reptiles', but with one track remixed, two re-recorded and two more remastered. Also included are four acoustic pieces and psychedelic soundscapes which were composed and recorded during the period.

Ilya Lipkin - guitars, bass
Ivan Fedotov - drums
Mixed by Ilya Lipkin, Mastered by Janne Stark and Ilya Lipkin. Released on the album "Reptiles Return" /Clostridium Records - CR 022/ Rushus records - RR 03 / 2016

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