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It's Psychedelic Baby presents: The Orions - Lightning Stroke Twice album premiere

”Lightning stroke twice” is their first full length LP, following a sold out EP - “Always Clean And Fresh” (Cassette by Burger Records, 7” by Kuskus/Crapoulet). 
“Lightning Stroke Twice” was recorded live to an analogue 8-track tape machine. This live recording, along with the worn tape sound are the Orion’s vision for their garage surf sound. The recordings took place at the “Koro” - Tel - Aviv’s iconic punk venue, which members of the band operate themselves. Lightning Stroke Twice sounds like an undiscovered surf classic presenting fresh melodic surf sound with garage aesthetics, punk attitude, and middle eastern vibes. Only 500 copies available on 180 gram vinyl and a limited edition of 100 cassette tape. Shipping from July 21th.

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