It’s Psychedelic Baby presents: TAU – ‘Mother’

June 20, 2016

It’s Psychedelic Baby presents: TAU – ‘Mother’

TAU TAU TAU is a wild archaic scream from
the heart, woven from a seamless thread of prayers, chants, psychedelic
invocations, and as Nunutzi says “songs of praise” in English, Spanish and
Gaelic, shaken through pre-hispanic drums, bells, shakers, synths and acoustic
guitar played “through an amp with a very shitty pick up that gives a weird
The recordings began in Berlin, by
happenstance on the day Bowie died, the album was completed in a nine day live
session. “ Though sad, for us it was a very good omen to start that day. There
was a silent euphoria in the room, like being at the wake of an old friend with
your closest friends. We made an altar for him for the huge inspiration that he
was which stayed there until we finished the recording”.
© Nico Neefs
Featuring collaborations with Knox Chandler
of Siouxsie and the Banshees, Earl Harvin of Tindersticks,  Nina Hynes and Miss Kenichi, TAU TAU TAU
includes numerous additional vocalists and musicians, all of whom make their
own unique contribution to the celebratory psychedelic folk of Tau.


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