Knifeworld – The Unravelling (2014) review

April 18, 2016

Knifeworld – The Unravelling (2014) review

What Knifeworld delivers here on The Unraveling is certainly not jazz, and it’s not rock, nor is it some sort of jazz or rock fusion, or even progressive rock. Whatever it is, or however it will eventually be defined [other than music], it demands your attention, as it’s often loud, often brassy, it can be simple, then turn on a dime and be more complex than anything you might imagine. Knifeworld will take you on a tour, though where you end up is anyone’s guess; but I promise you, it won’t be from where you set out.
Knifeworld would have you believe that they’re the new psychedelic, fueling their lysergic domain with bits and pieces of pop melodies, and angular squawking riffs that bewilder the senses, creating an acid trip atmosphere of unbearable dimension, filled with an assault of nightmarish musical demons that keep you white-knuckled and riveted, glad the album is over, both to catch your breath and to assess that you remain in tact.

There’s something turbulently primitive to be found here, there’s also something very ambitious and explorative… but not expansive. The work defined on The Unravelling is confined, it lives within a box, within the room, within your head, it’s a place you visit, or avoid, as there is nothing for you to bring back, nothing to gently hum or randomly remember, it’s merely what it is, when it is, and where it is at the time you drop the tonearm.
Review by Jenell Kesler/2016
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