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The cosmic cruiser Sendelica under command of its brave navigator Pete Bingham returns again from the voyage to farthest corners of galaxy with the cargo of priceless treasures. Sendelica’s holds full of cosmic colours, tunes and vibrations clad in a form of psychedelic space rock. The crew of this outfit got a pair of new skilful members who are experienced in such musical travels and ready to share this experience with you. But first let's heed the message of Peter himself. He is here to tell the latest exciting news of Sendelica.

Hello Pete! How are you? What cosmic horizons do you head on with Sendelica?

Hello Aleks, I am very good my friend. Sendelica is the Cosmic Horizon and this year we ride its brow in celebration of the first ten years of Sendelica.

Then accept my congratulations Peter! How do you plan to celebrate first Sendelica jubilee?

We will be celebrating in style with lots of gigs in UK and in Europe along with some fine new albums, a 7” single and some back catalogue re-issues. You can check out our  upcoming gigs on soundkick at 

First of all, there is new Sendelica album “I’ll Walk with the Stars for You” finished. Let’s clarify one tiny detail - is it already released?

This is the first of a plethora of releases out this year for our 10th Anniversary. ‘I’ll Walk with the Stars for You’ is released in mid March in Italy on the Italian label V.E. Records.

Pete, there are vocals on two new songs – “Black Widow Man” and “Dance Stars Dance”, something new for Sendelica as it always was the instrumental project. Who sings on new songs? And why have you decided to include vocals now?

The vocalist on two tracks of the album is none other than Twink (Tomorrow, Pretty Thinks, Pink Fairies, Stars, etc etc). Although we are predominately an instrumental band we did actually have vocalists on our first EP & first album. So when the idea of a vocalist arose with this album it seemed perfectly logical to have a dear friend join us for this project.

Do you have other lineup changes besides adding the vocalist?

This album features a lot of guests alongside the core members of Sendelica, These special guests include Twink (vocals), Nik Turner (flute) (Hawkwind, Inner City Unit), Colin Consterdine (keys & programming) (Zion Train), Virginia Tate (organ), your fellow Russian, Vasily V Bartov (drums), Geoff Chase (drums) (The Bentmen, Axemunkee), Jack Jackson (drums) and Paul Williams (bass) (The Spookers).  I hope I have not missed anyone!!

(editor's note: We made interviews with both, Twink and Nik Turner)

How did you gather all these musicians together? And how did you organize record sessions with them?

It was quite a task and was recorded over several years and in three different countries, a labour of love but well worth the effort.

Does "I'll Walk With the Star for You” have some concept? What is a message of the album?

It is an album rejoicing in how timeless music inspired by the 60’s/70’s can be. From the 70’s inspired hard rock of ‘Black Widow Man’ to the Floydian overtones of ‘Dace Stars Dance’… it’s a celebration of an era that is close to our collective hearts. Of course, as always, it has that certain Sendelican twist……

Can this era or its elements exist in modern world outside music? Or is it some kind of virtual harbour for you?

A very good question… I think that the ethos of that era is embraced in other parts of 21st century culture. For instance in art, movies and clothes….. Also there appears to be a bit of a retro  aspect in some peoples lifestyles, both young and old… the re-emergence of things like records, perhaps a nostalgic looking back. And finally I think there may be some kind of spiritual re-awakening in the last decade or so, mimicking the similar embracing of alternative religious/spiritual teachings that also occurred in the 60’s. It is all good to look back for inspiration but we must also take it forward, not get bogged down in simply recreating what has already gone before. It is important to put our twists onto this framework, otherwise it is danger of becoming twee, stagnant and ultimately redundant.  

Pete, there is the song “Moscow Bunker Blues” on this album, what is it? Do memories of your Russian trip still warm you?

Yes, we have very fond memories of our two trips touring Russia, I remember meeting you in St.Petersburg and we miss our soul brother Kamille (Grand Astoria) very much. I often talk to him on facebook and we do sometimes meet up with him touring in Europe. So yes, some great memories from those days and was wonderful to meet so many fans over there, an amazing experience on many levels.

What new did you discover during work over "I'll Walk with the Stars for You"?

Last year we did a lot of recording and I think the one thing we discovered is that we still have a lot of great music in us to still come out… onwards to the next ten years.

By the way, what kind of deluxe editions have you prepared for fans of Sendelica this time? Will it include space jelly bears and more Martian robots?

Ha, Ha yes those box sets seem to have become quite legendary!! This album is available as a limited edition hand numbered blue vinyl LP with poster (250 copies), a black vinyl edition (also 250 copies), & CD….. but sadly no box set of this release. However do not panic, later in the year we have a second new studio album released by UK label Fruits De Mer, and there will be a box set with a free GHOST!!  

A real ghost from UK?! Is it a spirit of some valour earl or did you just gather restless souls of some miserable prisoners from Tower?

Lol, off course a real ghost, would I lie to you Aleks...

Peter, you're telling that Sendelica already works over new album, can you reveal its details?

Yes, last year was a busy year recording as much as we could. Our second studio album of 2016 will be released in May on Fruits De Mer label and is called ‘The Cromlech Chronicles’. It is a tale of Megaliths, returning Elohims, Space Goats and some mad Japanese music. It features special guest Cyndee Lee Rule on violin, we are very proud of this very cinematic album. We also made a twenty three minute movie of the title track which will be available in the box sets as a bonus dvd.

The artwork of new album isn't as colourful as previous one you have on "Anima Mundi" album. Why did you choose darker and simpler picture?

Sometimes you have to visit the ‘Darker Side’ to truly appreciate the retina burning full on ‘Psychedelic Side’. This album cover was painted by an Italian artist and it has a certain brooding quality to it.
But fear not, there will be some releases later this year with retina burning artwork!! 

There are three more releases between “Anima Mundi” (which was released just the year ago on January 2015) and fresh one “I’ll Walk with the Stars for You” – “Sendelica Vs. Da Captain Trips”, “Sendelica Live from the 7th Psychedelic Network Festival” and “Sendelica & Friends”. When did you find time to deal with it all?! Please reveal secrets of your high artistic tempo!

It is very simple, WE LOVE TO MAKE MUSIC, wether it is in a live situation or in the studio, it’s what makes us feel alive and keeps us breathing. It is what it is all about.

Pete, what are the highlights of Sendelica live activity from 2015? And what is your tour schedule for 2016?

I will answer these two questions together. Last year was a hive of activity, especially branching out more into Europe and hitching up with German label ‘Sunhair’.
2016 is a massive celebration, in both releases and live shows, of this being Sendelicas 10th Anniversary. We will be hitting the live circuit from end of April with shows in UK, Italy and Germany in support of a hectic schedule of releases in UK and Europe.
Onwards we go……….

Sounds like plan! Then I wish you and Sendelica all the best on your journey! Live long and prosper comrade Peter! Do you have few more words of cosmic wisdom to share with our readers?

Yes indeed, if you ever find yourself in a Zenosyne loop, close your eyes, breathe deeply & slowly, and  normal reality will eventually return. Either that or the Space Goats will eat you.

Interview by Aleksey Evdokimov/2016
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