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Juleah - Melt Inside the Sun (2015) review

Juleah - Melt Inside the Sun (Konkord Records, 2015)

With Melt Inside The Sun, Juleah has created a wonderfully lush dream-pop album that’s delightfully laced with neo-psychedelic edges, and mixed with the swagger of a blueswoman just stepped off the bus, lookin’ for a place to plug in her guitar. This album is a true discover’s delight, masterfully created, hypnotically compelling, haunting and darkly sexual, with each song flowing not only effortlessly, but seamlessly into the next. The release is concise, never in your face ... and those quivering sustained strings just melt my heart.

You won’t believe what your ears are hearing, and when you slap this album down, everyone in the room will surly be amazed, thinking that you’re far too plugged in for your own good.

Review by Jenell Kesler/2016
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