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Chatham Rise / Thelightshines - We Are the Sun (2015) review

We Are The Sun is a split eight song album shared by Chatham Rise and Thelightness, mixed by Mark Gardener, most noted for his work with Ride, with the album, containing four songs from each group, that delights in attaining a more neo-psychedelic atmosphere then that of the shoe-gazer work Mark Gardener is most noted for.

Happily Chatham Rise don’t stray far form their previous and intoxicating album, an album that drips with slow burning hypnotic manifestations, gently moving the listener around, as if floating on a lake as the sun slowly ebbs into darkness, all while painting the sky with wondrous colours.  But don’t go thinking this is simply more of the same, Chatham Rise have taken a step, hinting at their forthcoming release ... and if you tag these songs to the end of the Chatham Rise outing, you’ll extend the illusion, allowing the music to carry you just that much further.

It’s not surprising that Thelightshines deliver a similar presentation, meaning that there’s no sharp contrast between the bands, allowing for a consistent contextual adventurous musical flow that will shimmer you with each listen.

Review by Jenell Kesler/2016
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