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Troubadour Dali - Let's Make It Right (2011) review

Troubadour Dali - Let's Make It Right (Euclid Records, 2011)

Listening to “Let’s Make It Right,” by Troubadour Dali floated over me like the memory of a long exhale from a hookah, a chunk of hash still smoldering in the bowl, friends laying about the room lost in the ceiling, the music, or a bit of both.  Slowly, reconstructing myself I remembered that this wasn’t 1968, that the only other being in the room was my cat, asleep on my chest ... nevertheless, I was lost both in the ceiling and the music, a low-fi heirloom quality of hypnotic layering with a sexy undercurrent, though don’t ask me to explain that, because I can’t, I just know that the the texture and atmosphere where unqualifyingly mystical and pleasant. 

With most of the songs riding on a steady groove of sustained multi-octave vocals, laying on an infectious fuzz induced bed of guitar manipulation that slides through the air in a most welcomed manner, along with an interplay that is both deep and upbeat.  I’m trying to avoid inferring that this is more of that romanic neo-psychedelic retro trippy sound that is so in right now, because it both is, and isn’t.  Yes, there’s a seamless timeless quality to what you’re gonna hear, and in the same light, on “Let’s Make It Right,” Troubadour Dali do just that, they seem to finally get it right, ironing out all of the creases, leaving you face to face with a mind altering sound that is very much of today.

Review made by Jenell Kesler/2015
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