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Rog & Pip - Our Revolution ('70s/2014) review

Rog & Pip "Our Revolution" (Rise Above Records, 2014)

At one time both Rog and Pip played guitar in Coventry-based 60s beat troupe The Sorrows - Pip Whitcher in the original line-up and Roger Lomas joining the later post- 'Take A Heart' version of the group that toured heavily in Europe during 1966-67 before temporarily shifting their home-base to Italy where they became a firm live attraction, and issued a few sought-after heavy guitar sides. France's Eva label would issue a "Sorrows In Italy" LP of that material during the mid-80s.
The tracks under consideration here, however, were all taped a few years later, mostly at George Martin's Air Studios in London throughout the early-to-mid 70s. Somewhat incredulously, seven of the twelve supercharged selections on offer have remained unreleased until now!
Some of the best, such as the thumpingly brilliant heavy rocker ‘War Lord’, were released as singles in Britain, Germany and also elsewhere issued under the guise of Renegade, the Zips, and also one or two as by Rog & Pip. Nigel Lomas, the brother of Rog, also current and long-term drummer with the Sorrows, sits in for most of the action too. Although not included here, it's also worth pointing out that the Lomas brothers were also heavily involved with The Eggy, the group which was responsible for the mighty fine psych-glam primer 'You're Still Mine' cut as an A side for the Spark label in '69.
"Our Revolution" though is a downright revelation, thrillingly wild and magnificent in almost every way. 'From A Window', 'A Little Rock'n'Roll', 'My Revolution' and the incessant thundering crunch of opener 'Why Won't You Do What I Want' constitute some of the most serious glam-a-rama action you’re likely to hear anytime soon and all hosting a plethora of bounteous riffs and infectiously stomping choruses. Due to their creators' impeccable tongue and groove musical carpentry too these have also been expertly shaped and lovingly molded into a series of blazing pop diamonds. You could just imagine them on Top of the Pops back in '73 or so blasting out with the likes of 'Doin' Alright Tonight'. Lomas has just finished recording a brand new killer version of this amazing cut by the new-look Sorrows, still with Don Fardon at the helm, which Rise Above have also just put out as the group's first single in decades!

"Our Revolution" also reveals extraordinary perspective and depth, especially during such as 'Gold' and 'It's A Lonely World', two of the most incredibly striking tracks you're likely to hear anytime soon, and significantly different from anything else on the album; more psychedelic in nature, that will doubtless leave you wanting to experience them again and again!
They may not have been given the due attention and high praise they rightly deserved first time out but, this time around, mark my words, this blisteringly cool outta time and outta sight collection will go down as a seriously high watermark in vintage rock'n'roll excavation!

Review made by Lenny Helsing/2015
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