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Buffalo Killers - Fireball of Sulk (2014) review

Buffalo Killers "Fireball of Sulk" (Sun Pedal Recordings, 2014)

               Cincinnati, Ohio’s Buffalo Killers have been one of my favorite current bands since I turned on to their 2011 album 3. Their blend of hazy stoner rock with hummable melodies is not a completely new sound, yet they do it in a signature way and they do it effectively. They often put me in mind of some of Neil Young’s output, specifically Zuma, but that’s not to say what they do isn’t their own thing. The six-song Fireball of Sulk is, for me, similar to their 2013 EP Ohio Grass in that it contains a couple winners while not being as consistently pleasing as some of their best efforts. “Blankets on the Sun” is another in their line of winning tunes that have both heavy guitar surges and sensitive vocal parts. The best song here, “Something Else,” is reminiscent of their 2012 long player Dig.Slow.Love.Grow (their magnum opus to date in my opinion) in being driven by vocal parts that are as inventive as they are sing-along inspiring.  There’s nothing on this EP that a fan of the band will mind hearing, but those two are the clear highlights and the rest is listenable if forgettable. If you’re new to Buffalo Killers start with 3 or Dig.Slow.Love.Grow then go on from there if you’re inclined; if you’re already won over by them, you’ll want this for the highlights even if you won’t think it’s their very finest work overall.

Review made by Brian Greene/2014
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