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The Orange Drop - Drone Pop (2014) reviews

The Orange Drop "Drone Pop" (2014)

Shimmering in an indigo blue sky, between the heavy velvet drapes of my bedroom window, drapes that are gently riding on a midnight breeze, framing a dancing orange moon that’s almost lost on the horizon of my dreams, with the liquid intentions of those bygone days filling a dropper that’s been endlessly inching toward my lips since the first psychedelic technicolour marvels of The Magical Mystery Tour touched my ears, dilated my eyes, and set my feet to spinning on oriental carpets ... where all was effortless, where all was revealed, where a life lived within these grooves was endless, timeless, and brilliantly alive. 

As the dropper settles onto the tip of my tongue, the ceiling slips away, the floor morphs into sand, my walls lap at my feet like phosphorescent waves, and everything is blown clean as I step into the fourteenth year of the twenty-first century, with The Orange Drop re-inventing all that I’ve held dear, and guiding me toward a blue sky dawn of hypnotic wonder and deliverance ... an album filled with with sonic layerings, pop drenched droning bewilderment, and enough sparkling textures to keep the listener buoyant and fully attentive. 

Never let anyone tell you that a life lived under the influence of music, is not a wondrous place to be.

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Review made by Jenell Kesler/2014
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