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Anthroprophh - Precession (2014) review

Anthroprophh “Precession” 12” (Cardinal Fuzz, 2014)

This spacey quartet’s unfortunate moniker reads more like a typo than a band name, but the wigged-out vibes nestled within make it worth seeking out. The two tracks add up to over half an hour of shamanistic kraut, from the tribal beat that anchors the harmonic buzz of the title track, a serpentining trawl through familiar Can, Amon Düül, and Ash Ra Tempel territory with a few winks and nods in the general direction of Danish psych monsters Causa Sui.
               Flip this mother over and your brain is treated to the more organic (literally and figuratively) drone, “Ebbe”, which does indeed ebb and flow across your synapses like a long lost Terry Riley composition excavated from the bowels of mid-’60s Greenwich Village (NYC). A repetitive organ riff winds around a rudimentary drumroll, building momentum until the two strains become entwined in a musical embrace, eventually pierced by Paul Allen’s finger-bleeding string bending. It’s all perfect for sitting cross-legged on the floor with headphones and your medicinal beverage and herb of choice. An exciting preview of the forthcoming album due later this fall from Rocket Recordings. Be on the lookout for that one.

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2014
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