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The Diaphanoids - LSME (2014) review

The Diaphanoids  “LSME” (Tirk, 2014)

It’s psychedelic funk (or funkadelic psych) from another planet, baby, as the Italian duo (Andrea Bellentani and Simon Maccari) return with another set of kosmische dance grooves beamed down from a galaxy far, far away. The blacklight brigade is out in full force on opener “55th Dimension Nervous Breakdown,” a multilevel pun that self-describes the “break” beats, alternative universes, and mental flipflops at play throughout your evening’s dance card. “You Can’t Shine If You Don’t Burn” welcomes you into the chillout room for a soft come down from sensory overload, while the disorientingly delicious headswirler “How Can I Distinguish Sky From Earth If They Keep On Changing Their Place” only begins to describe the pleasures within. It’s funky…it’s sexy…it’s, uh, so totally out THERE!
           Elsewhere, “Alltheconstellationsouttherearen'tworthapinpointofliquidligh
Tinyoureyes” floats among the cosmic pixie dust like Tangerine Dream searching for extraterrestrial life beyond the edge of the universe, the title track pulsates with light beams bouncing off uncharted galaxies, and the hypnotic “The Blackest Sun” boldly joins George Harrison on a cosmic journey, as it looks within you and without you for alternative meanings to the universal conundrums that have fascinated and frustrated mankind for eons.
                Fans of The KLF, Spacetime Continuum, The Orb, Julian Cope…you get the picture. Now pick up the album and dance the night away in the ballrooms of Mars.

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2014
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