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Papir - IIII (2014) review

Papir "IIII" (El Paraiso Records, 2014)

As the title suggests, this is the fourth album from Papir, a Danish post-rock trio with jazzy overtones who rely on intricate improvisation to create indelible impressions on the 21st musical landscape. There’s an intricate, loud/fast dichotomy intrinsic to many post rock artists (cf. Mogwai, Hammock, Stars of The Lid, Godspeed You Black Emperor, et. al.) and Papir follow this dynamic to create emotionally exciting music that will have your heart racing at one moment and your head soaring heavenward the next.
                The anonymity of the track titles (simply, “I”, “II”, “III”, and “IIII”) suggest that the music is more important than a clever little song name, which is a welcome attitude from an instrumental band. It shows they spent more time concentrating on the material!
                It also suggests the “tracks” are merely artificial breaking points or mood changers and are used randomly and interchangeably. In any event, the entire album is best experienced sequentially in one sitting to best appreciate the ebb and flow that the lads put into their spontaneously combustible creations.
                So throughout the album you’ll be dazzled by brain-frying, Hendrixian power riffs (“III”), ferocious drumming, and dazzling bass runs on your way to musical nirvana. “IIII” even wraps things up with a mellow stroll around a tropical paradise, not unlike the work of Vini Reilly (Durutti Column) or Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree). Another memorable release from the folks at El Paraiso!

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2014
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