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Moolah - Woe, Ye Demons Possessed" (1974) review

Moolah "Woe, Ye Demons Possessed" (Annuit Coeptis, 1974)

To be completely honest with you guys this record is completely new to me. I discovered this band while reading a description of one of my favorite current bands Moon Duo. From the facts that I gathered and these could be wrong, this is a duo from the United States around the New York state area circa 1973-1974. Immediately from listening to this record I am quite shocked that this didn't originate from Germany because the Krautrock sound is very apparent, perhaps a Silver Apples influence? With keyboard drones and weird pulsating effects I can only imagine the synth setup these guys had, all backed by some pretty free form sounding drums. If I had to give them a description I guess "Early American Sour Kraut". It took me forever to find audio files of the album online but Youtube does has some of the tracks uploaded. Listen for yourself and let the music make your judgments for you.

Review made by Matt Yablonski/2014
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