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Kikagaku Moyo - Kikagaku Moyo (2013) review

Kikagaku Moyo "Kikagaku Moyo" (Cosmic Eye Records, 2013)

Japan is known for some of the more eclectic takes on psychedelic music from the days of Les Rallizes Denudes and Flower Travellin Band up to Acid Mothers Temple, Boris and Boredoms. Kikagaku Moyo might be the new champions of Japanese experimental music. With the name literally translating to Geometric Patterns in English we can kinda guess how the music might sound like. Taking a mixture of Acid Folk adding a dash of Space Rock with a very healthy dose of Free Form Music we barely scratch the surface of how awesome this band is. This album is the perfect addition to anybodies record collection, unfortunately it is currently sold out from the label, but with such high demand for it I am sure it wont be long before a second pressing is out. Burn some sage, smoke a joint and let this music take over you, I promise you wont regret it.

Review made by Matt Yablonski/2014
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