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The Lad Mags - Various Singles (2013) review

The Lad Mags "Various Singles" (2013) 

Not much I can say about the Lad Mags that these singles haven't already said. These gals plus one guy craft some of the best soul inspired spooky garage rock I have heard in forever. The best part is they seem to like to record because they put out 3 amazing singles this year alone, 2 physical (Lover/You Don't Love Me. & Trick/You Stole My Mind) and one real wicked Halloween digital single (Dig My Grave/Awhoooo). Not many bands know how to create the image of a band setting up shop in a haunted house like these guys do, I would expect there might be a Scooby Doo type chase scene thrown into the mix at some point, ending with a house party. Pass the bong to Casper the 420 Friendly Ghost and throw these tracks on a playlist and ride the wave!

Review made by Matt Yablonski/2013
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