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Triptides - Predictions (2013) review

Triptides "Predictions" (Stroll On Records, 2013)
              Listening to the 13 tracks on this pleasurable album is like taking a visit through three separate yet connected eras of pop/rock music. In Triptides’ sound I hear very early Love and The Leaves from the 60s, 80s Paisley Underground bands such as The Rain Parade and Plasticland, and current acts along the lines of both Tame Impala and The Allah-Las.  There’s jangle in what they do, there’s both soft pop and garage, there’s echo-laden psychedelia. And, even though the band’s from Bloomington, Indiana, the whole thing feels like a blissfully hazy day spent around the Pacific Ocean.  If you made a sandwich that was equal parts The Leaves’ “Dr. Stone,” The Rain Parade’s “This Can’t Be Today,” and The Allah-Las “Catamaran,” when you bit into that thing the taste you’d get is something like this album’s feel.  I can’t credit the band with originality, because I don’t hear anything in their stuff that they can claim as their own. But if you don’t mind a record that is a sum of its makers’ influences and if you like any or all of the bands mentioned above, you probably want to give this one a spin.

Review made by Brian Greene/2013
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