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The Rising Sun Experience - Beyond the Oblivious Abyss (2013) review

The Rising Sun Experience "Beyond the Oblivious Abyss" (2013)

From the Far East to Europe’s Most Western Point
The Rising Sun Experience is a band from Portugal. On their second record, the Lisbon combo continue their space tinged travels through a more modern approach than most of the other bands out there that dwell in 70’s type imagery. If you’re looking for fuzzed out of your brain music, it’s not really what they are about but if you’re into a cleaner version of 70’s influenced modern music then this is your cup of tea.
Mixing more direct aspects with complex arrangements, The Rising Sun Experience are keen on proficiency and control of their instruments. They are masters on what they play and it’s all beautilfully executed through the songs on their record. The stand out points in their sound are the presence of a percussionist and a keyboard player that gives a certain Santana like feel without the Latin rock shenanigans of the Mexican guitar virtuoso.
First track ‘Countries Off…’ kicks off the record with an in your face approach and it’s a highly driven song that builds on intensity, especially when they let loose on the stelar guitar solo. They slow down the pace on ‘The Integrity’ but only slightly and it follows straight into ‘Infinite Space Of A Man Without Character’, a minute and a half scorcher.
Then, The Rising Sun Experience show their full colours in the epic closing track ‘Wasted Dreams Of Red Flowers’. Though divided in five separeted pieces, it is a homage to the prog rock like division of yore when a track would be composed of different segments. Still quite direct, a spacier feel permeates the track and you can tell that The Rising Sun Experience also like space travels like the rest of us. It is also a fitting way to end the record.
In my opinion, they could gain a bit in letting loose more and being slightly wilder, fuzzed out and let the instruments gain control of them from time to time (as opposed to the band controlling the instruments). Then again, it’s more a personal taste thing rather than a default in their approach to music.

The best way is for you to experience the sunrise for yourselves and generate your own opinions.


Review by Carlos Ferreira/2013
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