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Cream: 45 Years From One Of The Biggest Break-Ups In Rock'N'Roll History

20 Century brought rock n roll to the people, together with all the good music, attitude and lifestyle. Sadly but many bands fell apart after dealing with drugs, growing up, having too much money or involving in another projects. The story behind one of the most powerful trios in rock n roll lies behind the ego.
Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton were already built-up musicians when they conceived their problem child named "Cream".

Their debut from 1966 starting with "I feel free" was maybe the paradox that circled trough the band`s career, as nobody there felt really that way from the start. Psychedelic blues rockers were true magicians on their instruments and true stubborn among themselves. Maybe they managed to record first two albums “Fresh Cream” and “Disraeli Gears” with abstained attitudes but after their third record “Wheels of Fire” in 1968 their bridges started to burn. 

Relationship between Bruce and Baker was so stretched that their constant on and off stage argues became everyday sight. Their ego battles continued on stage with outplaying and overriding each other with their instruments. Either Bruce or Baker would start to play louder that their rhythm section began to break loose. They weren’t listening themselves as the “spine” of the band, constantly trying to improvise and take the lead. Clapton stated that on one show he was so pissed off by them that he stopped playing and went off the stage and no one of them noticed that!

By that time, music progressed a lot. Clapton was fascinated with The Band`s (Bob Dylan`s support group) debut, and he wanted to try something new and fresh. He got tired of progressive rock and blues they played. One of the key moments to announce the break up, was when Clapton saw their review in Rolling Stone magazine, where he was called “the master of the blues cliché”. That was the point when he decided to say that it`s a divorce time.
But as any divorce, this one was also not so easy. Still being on contract, they were forced to do one more album and tour. Although they officially broke up in 1968, fourth and last album “Goodbye” was released in 1969 and followed by US and UK shows.

After the break up, all of musicians continued creating beautiful work, some together some solo. Baker and Clapton played together in Blind Faith with Steve Winwood, while Bruce continued solo.
Their first live performance after 24 years was at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The set list was "Sunshine of Your Love", "Crossroads", and "Born Under a Bad Sign”, and they had only one rehearsal the day before the show. Even though Bruce and Baker were interested in making a reunion tour, Clapton was busy with his solo projects.
36 years after their last album, band got on stage for a four London (Royal Albert Hall) and three New York (Madison Square Garden) shows.

That was the last time world saw together Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton on one stage. After Bruce`s interview to BBC and answering to the question of reuniting with “Cream is over”, perhaps all chances for that fell into water. They are great song writers, fantastic musicians and hard as a rock for collaboration. For 45 years they are inseparable part of rock history. Ladies and gentlemen – they were Cream.

Article made by Andrija Babovic/2013
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