Mind! Interview with POT, MOR and POW

September 9, 2013

Mind! Interview with POT, MOR and POW

It is my humble opinion that most music, much
as Christopher Walken would say, “needs more space sounds”.  So from the opening track on their debut
album Stunde Null, Mind! had already scored major kudos for having used the
hell out of some space sounds and without overdoing it or sounding silly like
so many bands do these days.  Those pale
impersonations of whatever faded cardboard cutout memories of what psychedelic
music should sound like people have, the frauds and outright phonies.  Not Mind! 
No, they are the real deal and it’s not too often you get a chance to
talk to people making music from such a pure and personal place.  There’s not a single hint of the band
compromising an idea in an appeal to the radio or attract the interest of a
major label, this is simply put some of the best tripped out, shoegaze, kraut,
space rock I’ve ever heard.  The
instrumentals are the real standouts here showcasing some serious chops
floating out into space but knowing when to reign in the sound to keep things
interesting.  With just enough fuzz and
structure to hold the band firmly on the ground Mind! succeeds where so many
other bands have failed, or at least stumbled before them, there truly does
seem to be a method behind the madness and radical mood shifts on Stande Null,
which is quickly becoming a classic on my turntable.  Almost sold out at the source and sure to
become an instant collector’s item Stande Null and Mind! kind of came out of
nowhere for me and I had to know more about these fairly illusive sonic magicians.  Thankfully they were kind enough to take some
time to shed light on the subject and help me out with some much needed Mind!
while you read at: http://mindspacerock.bandcamp.com/  

What’s the band’s lineup?  Is this
your original lineup?
The lineup is: POT (vocals, guitars, synths, keyboards, Theremin), MAT
(vocals, guitars, keyboards), POW (bass guitar, vocals) and me MOR (drums,
percussions).  It´s not the original
lineup but it’s the one that recorded Stunde Null.
any of you in any other bands?  Have you
released any other material?  If so can
you tell us about it?
Well I´m the drummer in Pussy Worm, a metal-core band.  We released our first EP last year, Pissed
Off, but the band isn’t active right now because some of the members are having
some personal problems.  Pot is the bass
guitar player of a Viaje a 800 who recently finished their tour in Algeciras,
they´re releasing a live album very soon. 
The rest of the band has been members of bands such as Zoom, Buenamuerte
Trio and ROLF.
Where are you originally from?
MOR:  We
are from Algeciras (Southern Spain), a place between Africa and Europe.
Where is the band located now? 
How would you describe the local music scene there?
The band is located in Algeciras right now.
Being honest, there’s no musical scene in our town, only occasionally do
good bands arise.
you very involved with the local scene? 
Has it played a large role in the history or evolution of Mind?
POT:  We
use to be involved with bands outside our town, and our country, because as I
said before, unfortunately, there’s no musical scene here in our town.
and when did you all meet?
met Mat when we were eight years old and then Pot and Pow when we were in
school.  We were always talking about
music, exchanging albums…
Even before Mind! we all met years ago, we’ve even joined other bands
together before this one…  That makes
thing easier between us when we work in this band when it comes to composition
and playing.
led you to start Mind! and when was that?
Mind! started in the summer of 2010 when Kiko, our first bass player,
convinced me to start a band and called Mat and Pot to join us.  When we had some material and ideas and were
ready to start an album Kiko left the band for work related affairs and that’s
when Pow joined the band.
does the name Mind! mean or refer to?
“Mind” refers to many different things like, memory, brain, mental
balance, intention, opinion…  All of this
is MIND!
hate to label or classify music, can you describe your sound to our readers who
haven’t heard your music yet?
Its rock, but it’s easy to find psychedelic, progressive and hard
60’s/70’s rock influences in it.
know there has to be a ton because I can hear all different types of stuff
kicking around in your music, but who are some of your personal major musical
influences?  What about the band as a
whole rather than just as individuals?
From my point of view, the most recognizable influences are the first
Pink Floyd era (1962-1972) and 70’s era Hawkwind, passing through kraut and
experimental music.  If I had to choose
only one band, I’d choose Triana.  For
all of us they’re the best Spanish rock band of all time.
you all enjoy getting into the studio or is it a war of attrition like it is
for some bands?
MOR: I like to get into the studio, creating,
composing and recording more than I do playing live.
It’s very difficult for all of us to meet for rehearsals because of our
jobs, so we have a lot of problems setting up shows but we try really
hard.  I think it’s very important to
practice on our own at home so when we meet for rehearsals, half of the work is
done and we can show each other new ideas and compositions.  Despite the difficulties, I love playing live
Let’s talk a little bit about the recording of Stunde Null.  Who recorded it?  Where and when was it recorded?  What kind of equipment was used?

Stunde Null was recorded by Curro Ureba at Trafalfgar Estudio in Cádiz,
Spain at the beginning of 2012.  It was
recorded with analog equipment and vintage instruments.
POT:  We
use all vintage equipment like head amps Laney Supergroup, Laney Klipp &
Selmer Treble & Bass with guitar cabinets, Laney 70’s and Selmer Goliath;
an Ampeg 8×10 classic cabinet  for bass.  Guitars like a Fender Strat, Danelectro DC
59, Dearmond Starfire, Epiphone SG, etcetera and an Ibanez EB-3 ‘71 bass.  There’s a Farfisa Matador keyboard, Korg
MS-20 synth and a “home-made” Theremin along with pedals like a Fuzz Face, Big
Muff, Tubescreamer, Memory Man Delay.
released it?
The album is co–released by own record label, “Not On Label Records” and
some friends of the label, Odio sonoro, Nooirax, The Bloody dirty Sanchez,
Soviet, El lío es gordo and Subterranea.
released your album Stunde Null a while back and are down to your very last
copies right now.  How many of those did
you have pressed?  Are there any plans
for a repress once this one is sold out?
The album is a limited edition of 500 copies.  Once this edition is sold out there will not
be a repress and we’re almost all sold out, we only have a few copies that were
returned from Alone Records.
POT:  No
repress planned at the moment, and I don’t think that there ever will be.
there any plans for a follow-up album or any other releases in the near future?
This summer we are going to release a Split EP on 10” vinyl with VIAJE A
Where’s the best place for our readers in the US to get a copy with the
recent postal increases?  What about
international and overseas readers?
The best places to get copies is our Bandcamp page
(http://mindspacerock.bandcamp.com), on Facebook
(http://facebook.com/mindspacerock) or e-mail us directly at
mindspacerockers@gmail.com.  Just send us
an email before you buy it to confirm the shipping costs.
do you have planned as far as touring goes for the rest of the year?
Not right now, because of some personal issues.  So we’re gonna get totally involved in
composing and recording our second album.
you have any funny or interesting stories from live performances that you’d
like to share?
POW:  We
all enjoy all our gigs and laugh a lot. 
Our next gig will be at the Pietra Sonica Psychedelic Festival in Italy,
maybe we´ll have a lot of funny about stories it….  Maybe in the next interview we could tell
them ha-ha!
have played with some really amazing acts, who are some of your personal
favorites that you’ve had the chance to share a bill with?

Cuzo is quite a good Catalonian band and really good friends of ours!
There’s something undeniably awesome about having a digital copy of an
album to stick on an Mp3 player and carry around with you.  But on the other hand there’s something undeniably
magical about holding an album in your hands. 
Having something to look at, liner notes to read, something that makes
the listening experience more complete, at least for me.  Do you have any such connection to physical
POW:  We
all agreed to release our record on vinyl because it was recorded with analog
technology.  We thought that people were
starting to get interested in vinyl culture again, plus all of us are
megalomaniacs…  In fact we´re near to
sold out of our first record, selling copies all around the world.  Anyway! 
We´ve included a CD-r version of the album for free inside the LP for
all of those who want to take our music everywhere.  I think it´s a good solution to the problem
you were talking about.
you have a record collection?  If so can
you tell us about it?
We’re all record collectors but I think this is a question for POT
He-he…  I’ve got five-thousand
LP’s at home more or less, with all musical styles rock, blues, jazz, punk,
heavy, flamenco, etcetera.  I’ve been
collecting them since I was a child when my interest in music started.
always curious to hear what musicians in the digital age think about the
digitization of music and distribution. 
On one hand there’s illegal downloading and all of that, but on the
other hand it exposes people like myself to music like yours that I love but
would otherwise never have heard of, what’s your take on digital music and
think the music industry, like many things, is changing these days.  The digital age, downloads.  The internet is good for the underground
bands.  People can listen to a lot of
music and then buy what they really like.
the hope of keeping up with half of the awesome music out there right now, is
there anyone from your local scene or area that I should be listening to that I
might not have heard of before?
You should hear Viaje a 800…
about nationally and internationally?
Nationally there’s Cuzo and Lüger. 
Internationally I listen to bands like Motorpsycho, who are the best
band actually, Astra, Cave and Wolf People.
Nationally I like Swarzch, Cuzo and Beiruth.  Internationally, there’s a lot of interesting
bands like Wooden Shjips and Motorpsycho.
there anything that I missed or that you’d like to talk about?
POW:  We
want to thank you for your interest in our band and giving us the opportunity
to do this interview and please, excuse our English ha-ha!!
Interview made by Roman Rathert/2013
© Copyright
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