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Lantern - Rock n Roll Rorschach (2013) review

Lantern “Rock n Roll Rorschach” (Cardinal Fuzz, 2013)

Emily Robb’s banshee-wailing vocals spit lightning bolts around Zachary Devereux Fairbrother’s snarly fuzz guitar pyrotechnics amidst gut-punching Iggy/Stooges influences (check out the barnstorming “Lust For Life” riffs careening out of opener “Evil Eye” and the no-hold-barred crunch of “Mr. Mars”). There’s a touch of Joan Jett’s leather-clad venom pouring across “Where Are We Now”, ZZ Top’s greasy rock and roll smothers the title track in a swampy syrup, while the strangulated sax bursts throughout “Heart In Your Tongue” give us a taste of that good old time rock n roll!

Robb’s tender side finds expression on the hesitant ballad “She’s A Rebel”, but it feels out of place amongst all the surrounding mayhem and isn’t really fully baked – a meandering guitar line seems lost and the lyrics (the title repeated over and over) don’t add anything to this demo-quality exercise. The band are better when they stick to their strengths, like the Beefheartian trawl through the desert wasteland, “The Conjurer” or the amphetamine-fueled pogo punk of “Out of Our Heads”.

If “Loud Fast Rules” is your motto and you’ve got a few dozen Motorhead, Dead Boys, and Stooges albums in your collection, you’ll feel right at home studying up for this Rock n Roll Rorschach test. [Note: This addition adds four bonus tracks from earlier singles, including the aforementioned “Mr. Mars” and an earlier, sloppier garage version of “Out of Our Heads”, which have a more streamlined approach to good old fashioned minimalist punk. Most feature Fairbrother on vocals and evince an even stronger Stooges fixation. And that’s never a bad thing! The seriously deranged fanatic should seek out their rendition of “I Wanna Be Your Dog” (on the 2012 Bathetic cassette Dream Mine) for the ultimate in total brain-warping ear damage.]

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2013
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