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Jikan Ga Nai - Plenty Time EP (2013) review

Jikan Ga Nai “Plenty Time EP” (Bearsuit Records, 2013)

“Plenty Time” is the debut EP from this ironically-named Scottish/French duo (“Jikan Ga Nai” is Japanese for “There’s not enough time”!) Prolific Edinburgh musician Harold Nono has recorded three solo albums and released material as part of several other duos (Haq, Taub) as well as the Bunny & The Electric Horsemen moniker. French musician Eric Cosentino also records under the name Pain Noir and has collaborated with numerous musicians and bands in France and New York. Together, they make haunting noises that marry electronic effects to meandering guitarscapes that will both frighten and sooth at the same time.
I’m not sure what to make of opener “When We Lie Down We Take The Penguin Home”, but the title alone is enough to set your expectations high for a set of mysterious, thought-provoking sounds. Cinematic, yet atmospheric, it suggests interesting things ahead. And “Of Course We Weren’t Always Superstars” delivers some fine dance beats while showering the listener with glistening waterfalls of bubbling electronics and shards of white-noise guitar. The (I presume) tongue-in-cheek autobiographical title demonstrates the pair are conscious of their efforts to amaze and amuse and they succeed on both accounts.

“Legend Days” is a complicated affair that veers from contemplative navel gazing atmospherics to slightly annoying sound effects and glitch overload and I don’t know what “The Man Who Tells The Trains” actually says during his conversations, but this industrialised collection of sounds and moods wraps up this exciting, enticing, and always interesting release on a high note. This is not easy listening lounge music for cleaning the flat. Nono and Cosentino challenge the listener to pay attention. Those who do will be richly rewarded.

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2013
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