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Bloody Knives - Death EP (2013) review

Bloody Knives “Death” EP (Saint Marie, 2013)

A Ramones-styled six tracks in about 10 minutes, these buzz saw buzz killers (no pun intended) drop in, kick ass, take names, and get the hell out before they’ve worn out their welcome. Self-referential gloomy, doomy titles like “Nothing Can Save You Now”, “Waiting For You To Die”, “ Kill You All”, and “Bullet In Your Head” tell you all you need to know and they’re driven home with a harsh, electronic  industrial sonic assault, a la Nine Inch Nails and Ministry. Life is not pretty and Bloody Knives are here to tell you why. The search for potential soundtrack material for the next “Saw” instalment begins here. Some tracks are a little too undeveloped to leave a lasting impact, but their short bursts of metallic mayhem would work well as horror film sound cues.

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2013
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