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On the Cusp by George Kinney

               Remember when everybody was all excited by astrology? Mainly during the 60s but before and after that time span, people have tried to focus on some non-tangible source of influence an direction that will save them from all kinds of negative things, from burning in hell to avoiding poison ivy. I have studied extensively every imaginable system by which to progress in our evolutionary development. My library is cram-packed with books and essays looking at the various pathways and modalities available to mankind to further evolve in the most beneficial way. I have read the writing of many, many wise people who have devoted their lives to this kind of investigation, many of whose writings I have had to really concentrate on due to my fundamental lack of technical understanding of higher mathematics and biology.
               However, being a good and curious soldier, I have managed to muddle on through the fog, and I have, at age 66, come to some interesting temporary conclusions that I would like to share with readers. I am not inviting debate on these ideas, I am just throwing them out there for readers to debate within themselves. I don't have time anymore to argue my points, just to offer them for inspection in the hope that some of them might prove beneficial.
               My latest quasi-epiphanal concept deals with a general level that I believe us humans have achieved and from which we must evolve past in order to fulfull our most beneficial evolutionary set of possibilities. This is not really a new idea at all. Generations have always thought they were on such a cusp of historical significance, right on the brink of some scientific, spiritual, or social breakthrough. But I think our current cluster of generations have reached a major, extremely important plateau of being. I justify this belief in the uniqueness of our situation on two primary ideas. The first is simply the arrow of time, i.e, it is most natural that we would develop over time and gain from our past experiences the knowledge to aide us in prospering as a species in the future. But that fact alone would not explain any particularly unique aspect of our current era. Looking a fossil records assures us of progression of a physiological nature, so too, improvements in the complexity of social and psychological systems and modalities. In other words, we can tell by examining the fossil records that what is termed the theory of evolution is sound and in fact, we did derive from previous species. But there are other very important aspects of our evolution that are not explained by examining the bone records and though anthropologists strive to answer many of the questions that arise regarding those more psychological elements of our evolutionary pathway, there are many fundamental questions or areas of investigation that remain vague and without much practical investigation and have not resulted in much in the way of tangible or documentable evidence.
               I have written extensively about what I and others have termed psychological evolution. For a most informative account of the latest in the scientific discoveries regarding this fascinating subject, I refer the reader to Amit Goswami's book, Creative Evolution, available through Amazon and most established book sellers. My point in this brief essay is to convey a kind of synopsis or synthesis on this subject that may lead the reader to further explore the significance of this subject.
               The idea is that to progress toward more beneficial solutions to our problems and challenges as a species, we most definitely need to clarify our fundamental understanding of what kind of thing we are and what are the parameters within which we operate and if those parameters, once discovered, are stationary or modular, that is, if we can modify the parameters to accommodate an enlargement or clarification of our awareness, that is, is it possible to self-evolve and continuously expand our potentials for conscious experience?
               I have determined that such an increase in conscious awareness is not only possible, but is a requirement for further evolution. But that is all fairly well-known among serious seekers of scientific, spiritual, and metaphysical truth. What I wish to emphasis here is that it is high time we saw things for what they are and what the can be...ourselves specifically.
My premise for you to think about is a speculative scenario, if you will, regarding our current place in our long line of evolution. I believe it is necessary to understand our present location in order to choose the correct direction in which to proceed in order to achieve the most beneficial evolutionary results. Fair enough?
 So here it is: We are on a major cusp in our evolution, just like being born on a certain day might place you on a cusp Astrologically. That means we are right between two primary places or areas of influence. Our past anthropological progression has come to fruition in the material sense (perhaps not completely, but primarily) and we have yet to fully embrace the next level, the psychological level, of our next phase, the next level of our potentiality.

               I offer that that is why things seem so up in the air, our problems so unsolvable. We are on a cusp...on the edge afraid to fly...not yet able to fly. We can't stay in the nest, but our wings are as yet not sufficiently developed to render us safely airborn. That's a pretty scary place to be. But isn't it better to know?

Column made by George Kinney/2013
© Copyright /2013

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