The New Messiah by George Kinney

May 5, 2013

The New Messiah by George Kinney

new messiah will be an economist. All the amazing new advances in technology
and science that baffle and astound citizens and compete for their minds and
souls will be essentially useless if a more equitable, sustainable economic
system cannot be designed and implemented.
citizens, especially in the United States have been mislead by false
information  force-fed through public
education and supported by marketing magi to believe that the fundamental
skills for our survival as a species are based in transferable traits of
aggressive competition. Thus the common modern concept of social Darwinism has
emerged and continues to hold citizens in a choke hold of compliance to a
radical capitalistic economic ideology that produces a deep seated fear of questioning
the methods and modalities of the “golden goose.” Investigate the lectures and
books of economist Hazel Henderson for a more detailed treatment of this
archaic concepts, now debunked by anthropologists who have compiled convincing evidence
that compassion and cooperation, not aggressive competition, are the bedrocks
of our evolutionary success, have too long justified the growing disparity
between the rich and the poor for most of our history. It is time for a radical
changing of the economic guard.
new economy will suffer great birth pains due to the fevered reluctance and
tenacious resistance offered by the most wealthy citizens, especially those
most vested in the continuance of corporate greed and dominance. A huge
question will be: “How much of the bath water must be discarded without mortal
damage to the baby?”
answer will lie in the serious and ambiguous question of what, indeed, is the
baby that must be protected? Our well being as a species is the baby that must
be protected and nourished properly. Nearly everything must be re-evaluated,
re-defined, most importantly we must discover a new, more comprehensive sense
of self-identity.
success must include a reverent respect for our global environment. It must also
include a prevailing belief that the privileged few cannot be truly happy as
long as so many others suffer so that they can live in opulence. There is
simply no reason that prosperity cannot be the rule rather than the exception.
Current economic theory in the US provides that a strong economic elite must
prevail in order to provide incentive for others make the arduous climb to
financial prominence.
some extent this idea has merit. The general failure of communism proves that
state-owned means of production leads to a mediocrity in products, services,
and incomes that is unacceptable to most modern citizens, certainly in the US.
So scratch communism. Marx had a great slogan: “From each according to his
ability, to each according to his needs.”
Unfortunately he failed to clarify just who
gets to decide what a person’s abilities and needs are, leaving the matter for
the elite political body, the politburo, to decide. That’s such a travesty on
individual liberty, the pursuit of happiness and basic human nature that it was
doomed to failure from the start.
must be disparity among citizens’ economic and social status due to the nature
of diversity among people. But this disparity has gotten way out of control and
is now so ingrained in our social fabric that a radical modification must come
about in order to establish a new paradigm in economic theory that incentivises
and rewards a much larger proportion of the population.
is just no sound reason why this cannot come about. But a social consensus must
first be established that desires such a modification. And such a consensus
will not be brought forth from the status-quo mentality that prevails in our
society. Thus, the aforementioned new sense of self identity must be
discovered, nourished, and become the prevailing ideology throughout our entire
cultural environment.
can this be accomplished? In his book, Self-Aware Universe, Amit Goswami,
professor of quantum physics at Oregon University, carefully and clearly
explains the significance of the newest discoveries in science and how they
indicate the essential nature of consciousness and how consciousness is the
ground of all being. His proposals legitimately challenge the fundamental
precepts of matter-based science in the Newtonian sense and prove to the
objective reader that consciousness is, indeed, the ground of all being from
which all creativity proceeds, including by definition the material world and
all systems, patterns and objects therein. A detailed description of this brave
new concept is far beyond the scope of this humble essay, but read the book if
your mind is warped enough to want to know the essential nuts and bolts of
knowledge is not required for good citizenry. But our leaders must know. In
order to be led toward a more beneficial evolutionary pathway, our leaders
have to get a clue as to the vast potentials that are possible for humanity,
above and beyond the petty goals of material success and the domination of our
fellow human beings. The new economic system must reflect this knowledge if it
is to work.
all systems are created from universal consciousness now actively working
through the evolved human brain, then all social, political and economic
systems are so derived as well. Thus, through a social consensus, reflected in
political action, a weighting of the probability scale in favor of the most
correct and beneficial results for our evolution can occur. And from the vast
and limitless realm of all possibilities, the world of potentia, as a species
we can  consciously collapse the most
favorable future into actuality. See? It is possible to understand.
next essay to appear in this publication will explain how and why population
regulation is an essential aspect of the success of any biological or social
system and that no real, long-term progress can be made without diligent
innovations in the area of population control.
Column made by George Kinney/2013
© Copyright
http://psychedelicbaby.blogspot.com /2013
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  1. Kevin Rathert

    Wonderful to read your words George. Wisdom abounds everywhere!

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