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Psychedelic Attic #3

It's time for another Attic, #3, which includes plenty of new stuff. From groovy vinyl reissue of "Homer" released with our help to Sainte Anthony's Fyre and Earthen Vessel, which includes our liner notes with interview. Since there is really a lot of stuff coming in we are posting most of them and you can click on the links, that will direct you to labels or bandcamp sites. Enjoy!

Homer - Grown in U.S.A. (Guerssen, 2013. Reissue made by a little help from us) 

Sainte Anthony’s Fyre - Sainte Anthony’s Fyre (Rockadrome, 2013. Reissue)

Earthen Vessel   Hard Rock - Everlasting Life (Guerssen, 2013. Reissue with our liner notes & interview)

Touch - Street Suite (Guerssen, 2013. Reissue)

Tormentors - Hangin' Round (Void Records, 2013. Reissue)

Brain Washington - L.S.D./BAD ACID (, 2013)

Dean Allen Foyd - Road to Atlas (Crusher Records, 2013)

Energy Gown - I Watch the Sun (, 2013)

The PeΔrls - The PeΔrls (, 2013)

The Bohemian Bedrocks - The Bohemian Bedrocks (, 2013)

The Luck of Eden Hall - Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 1&2 (Headspin Records, 2013)

Other include:

Cosmic Travelers (Gear Fab Records)
Hell Preachers Inc. / Ugly Custard (GearFab Records)
Sainte Anthony's Fyre (Rockadrome)
Cain (Rockadrome)
Stepson (Rockadrome)
Billy Boy Arnold (Angel Air Records)
John Fiddler (Angel Air Records)
Ampliefied Heat (
Deniz Tek (Career Records)
Donovan's Brain (Career Records)
The Fleur De Lys (Acid Jazz)
V.A. Poly-Rhythmo de Cotonou (Analog Africa)
The Kaams (
The Ones (Gear Fab Records)
Lamp of Universe (
Telstar Sound Drone (Bad Afro Records)
V.A. Streaming Hot Angel Air (Angel Air Records)
The Pirates (Angel Air Records)
BJ Anders and The Buccaneers (Angel Air Records)
Albert Collins (Angel Air Records)
Soft Hearted Scientist (Fruits de Mer Records)
V.A. Strange Fish (Fruits de Mer Records)

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