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Haunted Leather - Red Road (2013) review

Haunted Leather “Red Road” (Stolen Body 2013)

Bristol-based Stolen Body have just released a limited edition (250 copies), red-vinyl version  of this Michigan septet’s sophomore effort as part of Record Store Day. “Shapes On The Wall” stalks into the room on the back of a haunting bassline that explodes into ferocious, Sabbathian riffs, monotonic vocals unintelligibly and probably intentionally buried in the mix, and a frightened-as-fuck atmosphere that suggests listening alone in the dark could be detrimental to your psychological well being. Dusty’s crystalline guitar lines throughout the album recall Robert Smith’s, creepy-crawly pyrotechnics on the Cure’s early suicide trilogy (Faith, Seventeen Seconds, Pornography) and Lou Reed’s serpentining ostrich guitar squawk on seminal tracks like “All Tomorrow’s Parties”, but there’s also an enormous My Bloody Valentine wall-of-guitar vacuum that sounds like you’re standing in the middle of a runway with a supersonic transport about to take off. Then there’s that heavy, Doorsy chest pounder, “Diamond Sleep” which sounds like Mr Mojo Risin’ just bellied up to the Roadhouse Blues Saloon and ordered a few rounds of devil spit…in a dirty glass.
               The band’s sound is hard to pin down after your initial listening session, because just when you think you’ve got another retread of Sleep’s Jerusalem/Dopesmoker on your hands (e.g., tracks like “Midnight’s Child”), along comes the Brian Jonestown Massacre bluesy, slide-guitar swagger of “You Shouldn’t Ask”, the hypnotic mindfuck of “Mirror” and “I Don’t Mind”, and the headswirling haze of “Indian Road” and you’re glad for the variety of influences (Spacemen 3, The Warlocks, Loop, Velvets) and executions. Simply mesmerizing!

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2013
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Javier de Gregorio said...

Great stuff..., when listening to the first song I was having a glimpse at Bardo Pond´s early days.
Cool shit really.
Cheers from Madrid.