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Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Psychedelic Pill (2012) review

Neil Young began this psychedelic saga while rambling through his past in search of material for his book Waging Heavy Peace, a book that’s both compelling, labored, and more disjointed than one can imagine; though if one considers the six decades that make up the musical career of Mr. Young ... this is about as straight forward as you ever gonna get.

Psychedelic Pill [and I remember many of them fondly], opens with the track “Driftin’ Back,” a swirling hypnotic number that’s nearly twenty-eight minutes in length, and is sure to curl the edges of mouth, creating a mile wide smile as the acid memories kick in.  Neil Young, along with his on-again off-again band Crazy Horse sonically drift through the vaults, lifting old and creating new musical riffs that are so magically charged you’ll have no other recourse than to drift back, letting your head ride just above the water line, wondering where the years have gone.  If you weren’t part of the original psychedelic scene, then this is your chance to stand with the sun at your back, cast your own stars across the heavens, get lost in the paisley wanderlust that was 1969, and slip sideways into guitar driven chords that build slowly into blossoms, then flowering into a thick reverb drenched masterpiece.

The album is unqualified storytelling brilliance, a taste of something I’d nearly forgotten.  Psychedelic Pill is epic, self assured, connecting the past and the present like a thought that hangs in the air a moment too long, almost long enough to reach out and touch, and then it’s gone.  Psychedelic Pill reminds me that I have people I haven’t seen in far to long, that my years haven’t been wasted, and that this is truly the strangest life I’ve ever known.

Review made by Jenell Kesler / 2013
© Copyright / 2013

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Anonymous said...

From my point of view - I'm a newbie in the world of psychedelia who is discovering the genre just for a few months - it's a good piece of music, but on the other hand it sounds little tired and the tempo of the songs is good mainly for nostalgia rather than for daily listening. And the current psychedelic generation may not understand it and the album might might be disliked. Nowadays psychedelia goes towards something different.

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