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Cosmic Dealer - Child of Tomorrow (2012) review

“Child of Tomorrow” by Cosmic Dealer
World In Sound #WIS1045 (CD/LP+Live EP)
Release Date:  22 May 2012

Rare and unreleased 1971 and 1973 material by incredible Dutch band comes to life on CD and Vinyl thanks to German reissue label World In Sound!

Thanks to Wolfgang and his wonderful World In Sound German reissue label 13 tracks, 67 minutes and 53 seconds of rare and previously unreleased Cosmic Dealer finally sees the light of day!  This incredible CD/Vinyl release includes a 24 minute performance done for the Dutch national television (VPRO) show “Campus” that has never before been released.

The contents of “Child of Tomorrow” come in five sections.  This review examines the works by section, beginning with three tracks recorded at the Paay-Studio Rotterdam in May 1973, the personnel at this session being Jan Reynders on lead guitar and backing vocals; Ad Vos on drums; Angelo Noce Santoro on bass; Kees de Blois and Ed Boender both contributing rhythm guitar and sharing lead vocals.  The first track performed by this quintet is the releases title track, with a run time of 3 minutes, 41 seconds.  The radio friendly and exquisite, tastefully commercial “Child of Tomorrow” is reminiscent of Spirit at its best, with Reynders’ gently snaking guitar lines leading the way for Boedner’s gentle vocals, with Santoro and Vos supplying a punchy rhythm section.  At the 2:30 mark the tempo changes as Reynder’s guitar wails and Santoro and Vos go into overdrive for the final minute of the song.  By the time this song was ready for release Cosmic Dealer had already disbanded.  A travesty as the song was perfectly suited for release as a single, the only question being whether it would have been the a-side, or the b-side for “Sinners Confession.”  Reynders’ guitar introduces and drives this second track, twisting and turning, setting the stage for de Blois’ gentle vocals and Santoro and Vos’ tight rhythm before a short solo by Reynders’ sends the song to its conclusion.  “You’re So Good” features haunting vocals by Boedner, supported by Reynders’ lead guitar.  The song flows delicately, the bottom end held up by Santoro’s bass and the rhythm guitars, with no drums involved.  Another song perfectly suited for radio airplay.  What a twist of fate.  Songs with commercial appeal flowed naturally from Cosmic Dealer, while other bands toiled session after session in the never ending quest for a “hit.”  Unfortunately Cosmic Dealer was unable to take advantage of the fruits of their efforts.

The band’s next session, from September, 1971, resulted in three more tracks being laid down.  “Lifetime” opens with Boedner’s lilting vocals accompanied by Reynders’ gentle guitar with Santoro and Vos controlling the tempo, the result a sublime state of relaxation filled with beautiful guitar work and pin point rhythm.  “Society” features Reynders’ wah wah driven solos and flawless rhythm work by Santoro and Vos.  “Julia” displays the versatility of Reynders’ on guitar, the instrumental piece again featuring his command of the wah wah pedal and well structured lead lines.

A home recording session from August 1971 features the band in its earlier incarnation and playing much heavier music.  “Didn’t You Know” has a driving rhythm, filled with fuzzed out guitar and masterful use of echoplexes by Reynders and fellow guitarist Leen Leendertse.  Frans Poots’ use of echo gives his vocals an ethereal effect well suited to the music.  “Westwind” starts gently, but a minute and a half in Santoro and Vos turn up the tempo beating out the rhythm, with Reynders and Leendertse adding Quicksilver Messenger Service (John Cippolina) like snaking lead guitar lines before the song settles into delicate Beatlesque vocals for the finale.

A rehearsal session from 1971 supplies “For You” which features Reynders’ smoking hot guitar and heavy bottom end courtesy of Santoro and Vos, the cacophony of sound overpowering Poots’ vocals.  Midway through, Poots’ flute takes the fore temporarily, but in the end it is Reynders’ guitar that takes charge and brings the rocker to a close.

The real treasure of “Child of Tomorrow” is the inclusion of the four tracks performed live in 1971 for Dutch national television.  A live version of the title track from the bands’ sole LP “Crystallization” opens with the flute of Poots and his gentle vocals, the rhythm section and guitars holding back.  Reynders’ guitar bobs about until a bit over four minutes in when he puts it into overdrive, joined by Santoro and Vos.  Poots belts out the final vocals as the tempo and volume become hypnotically rhythmic.  “Didn’t You Know” features Reynders’ guitar screaming along with Sanoro’s bass and Vos’ drums, his guitar obviously in control of this up tempo rocker.  “The Scene” again features Reynders and his fuzzed out guitar with Santoro and Vos locked in perfect rhythm behind him, with momentary pauses allowing Poots’ flute to take center stage.  “Cosmic Jam” (also known as “Black Widow”) is another heavy rocker featuring Reynders’ fuzzed out lead guitar, but showcasing Santoro soloing on his bass run through a wah wah pedal to astonishing effect.  This full tilt rocker finishes out the set and the album with eight minutes of incredibly heavy rock and roll.  This number finds Frans Poots bashing his bongos, Jan Reynders’ guitar fuzzed to the max, and Ad Vos pounding his drum kit, but without question it is the wah wah soloing of Angelo Santoro on his bass that makes this the real show stopper and the perfect ending for the album.

Meticulously remastered, like all World In Sound releases, “Child of Tomorrow” completes the story of Cosmic Dealer.  In their first lifespan that is, as the band has reunited and is playing live shows even as I wrote this review.  For the first chapter in the life of Cosmic Dealer you will need to pick up the 2 CD or 2 LP version of “Crystallization” available from Pseudonym Records on 21 January 2013 and be on the lookout for the review of that release which will be published in “It’s Psychedelic Baby” Magazine soon.  Until then, pick up a copy of “Child of Tomorrow” and Happy Listening!

Review made by Kevin Rathert / 2013
© Copyright / 2013

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