The Elders – Looking for the Answer (1971) review

August 13, 2011

The Elders – Looking for the Answer (1971) review

Hungry of the good sounds? OK, here’s the recipe – take a bit of Rare Earth, a little Iron Butterfly, Rhinoceros, very little of Vanilla Fudge, and large amount of Sly & the Family Stone. Season with a little of Booker T. & the MG’s and a little of Jeff Beck Group.
It wont hurt if you add a grain of sound of the later Hendrix guitar. All this is nice to cook for musical line in the next 30 minutes, and this delicious blend is called The Elders. You’ll probably want more after eating one portion. And another , and another… etc. Do not worry, the Elders won’t make you fat.
When you see the cover of their album from 1971. you’d probably expect a fierce hard rock riffs, maybe a little bit in the style of Black Sabbath, because the cover has a skull which stands on an open book – probably in the laboratory of an alchemist searching for the elixir of eternal life, who knows. But when the album starts and the notes dance, surprise is following. No, not at all as it seems, there is no dark Sabbath riffs, but very playful soul rock, with plenty of  wah wah guitar (which makes them close to Sly & the Family Stone), and funky rhythms that push the body to move.
Although the beginnings of the group go back to 1965/66 in the garage rock band Jerry and the Others, the first LP wasn’t recorded until 1971, after they changed their name to The Elders. River of musical evolution is always in a hurry ahead, and with that fact in mind I have to admit that they sound a bit delayed because their sound is more fit in 1968 – but is certainly not an negative criticism. After all, there are so many good bands in a backward stage of development of music.
In any case, the Elders will always be welcome at my line – whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Review made by Martin Okun/2011

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